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Donjon Recycling and C & M Metals Recycling, LLC: Recycling for a Modern World

Donjon RecyclingDonjon offers two conveniently located service centers; C & M Metals Recycling, LLC in Morris County, New Jersey, and Donjon Recycling in Staten Island, New York.  Donjon’s Staten Island location features the only New York City-based commercial ship-breaking and recycling facility in the region.

Donjon Recycling, a family-owned and operated recycling company, continues a tradition of over 50 years; providing recycling services to many types of clients including government agencies, manufacturing facilities, contractors and the general public. Donjon Recycling


Metal Recycling: Donjon Recycling and C & M Metals Recycling, LLC will purchase and recycle all types of scrap iron and metal including the following types of material:

--steel scrap
--cast iron
Donjon Recycling--copper and brass
--stainless steel
--insulated wire
--decontaminated marine scrap including metal barges, ferryboats, ships and similar vessels (in New York only)

The company offers the following Site Contracting Services:
Donjon Recycling
--facility/property cleanouts
--structure demolition
--loading and transportation service

Please call one of our service centers for more information:

In New York: 718/984-4100
In New Jersey: 973/366-2716

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Donjon Recycling