Donjon Marine Co., Inc.

Depth of Experience

Based on a longstanding family of experienced marine professionals, Donjon Marine is an organization that is dedicated to and empowered by the strength of our people, our experience and the assets that allow us to always be in a position to manage any and all challenges � on sea and land.

Already a leader in dredging and marine salvage, Donjon continues to explore opportunities to expand our role in the marine industry and beyond.

Since its incorporation in 1966, Donjon Marine has established and continues to seek long-term client relationships in a world where limited business resources demand a constant balancing of expenditures. Beginning with its foundation in the New York area as a pioneer in marine salvage services, Donjon has grown to become a leader in both conventional and environmental dredging. Our areas of expertise also include recycling, land and marine demolition, pollution control and remediation, heavy lift transport, marine transportation and landfill remediation/site management.

With the creation of Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair, LLC, our latest addition to our family of services, Donjon controls the largest shipyard of its kind on the Great Lakes, utilizing years of experience and knowledge to meet the needs of an ever-growing industry to provide shipbuilding, dry-docking, ship repair, barge construction, vessel conversion, repowering, maintenance, steel fabrication, steel assembly, and other related services through the Great Lakes region and beyond.

As we continue to grow, Donjon and its affiliates maintain offices, assets and personnel throughout the Northeastern United States, with operations spanning the globe.


DONJON Receives Certificate of Corporate Responsibility

Donjon Newbuild Masters
Lake Chop, Canal Shallows
On Maiden Voyage

Donjon Receives 2020
Certificate of Corporate Responsibility

Fraudulent Correspondences

Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair
Announces Contract
To Build Hopper Barges

Media Coverage of the
Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair
Special Event

Donjon Lifts Washed Up
Tanker from Staten Island Street

Donjon Pumps Play Vital Part
In Sandy Response

Donjon Towing & Transportation
Projects on the Rise

Donjon-Owned Cycle Chem Acquires
Deep Green of New York, Inc.

Donjon President and CEO
J. Arnold Witte Joins Board
of Noble Maritime Collection

Donjon Tug Atlantic Salvor Provides
Emergency Towing Assistance
to Vessel off Nantucket

Donjon's Tug Fleet Continues to Grow
with New Acquisition

Donjon Announces Creation of
Donjon Shipbuilding & Repair
on Lake Erie

Donjon Completes Heavy Lift
Contract on Grand Bahama Island

Donjon Services Demolishes Historic
Bolmer Building in Bound Brook, NJ

Donjon Marine Sells Joint Venture
Interest in Port Albany Ventures




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