Donjon Marine dredging


Donjon Marine dredgingDonjon provides the in-house equipment, expertise, and personnel to be able to offer turnkey services on maintenance and navigation improvement dredging projects, specializing in both upland and sub-aqueous ocean disposal.

Recognizing the heightening environmental concerns of dredging and ever-tightening industry standards for dredging equipment, Donjon continues to enhance its fleet with newly built and acquired vessels, as well as upgrading its current equipment with state-of-the-art Digital Global Positioning Systems, electronic tide gauges, and federally required and approved environmental buckets.

Donjon Marine dredgingDonjon Marine is a recognized leader in dredging, processing and disposal of environmentally sensitive materials in the Northeast. Donjon Marine has also developed and operates a turnkey processing facility and is the only dredging service provider on the East coast capable of environmentally dredging, processing, and disposing of material in-house through the operation of a number of New Jersey-based landfills.

Donjon is ready and willing to tackle any dredging need with a proven track record of prompt, productive, and cost-effective services with a focus on customer satisfaction.





Donjon Marine dredging        Donjon Marine dredging

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