Donjon Marine salvage & wreck removal

Salvage and Wreck Removal

Donjon Marine salvage & wreck removalFor over four decades, Donjon has been providing salvage and salvage related services to both the U.S. and foreign marine communities. Over its long history of performance Donjon has proven the capability to provide a cost-effective response in inland, coastal and open-ocean environments. The company owns, operates and maintains dedicated salvage specific casualty response assets including but not limited to tugs, ocean certified derrick and cargo barges, all types of both centrifical and hydraulic submersible pumping systems, portable pulling power, marine fire fighting response equipment, and underwater dive systems.

Donjon's salvage teams are made up of individuals who are both highly trained and experienced in the use of these types of resources for emergency salvage response and related activities. Donjon's record of cost-effective success is second to none.

Due to the dedication of its people and the corporate philosophy of providing professional and cost-effective service, Donjon continues to be a leader in the field of marine salvage and related services. While others may talk, Donjon performs.