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Marine Transportation

Marine TransportationDonjon is a worldwide marine transportation service provider. The company provides marine towing, floating derrick barge and barge transportation services to the domestic and international marine communities for transport of bulk and break-bulk commodities.

Donjon also provides deadship tow prep and towing for ships bound for lay-up, reactivation, or recycling. This service is normally offered on a turnkey basis including independent survey, assist tugs, pilotage, line-handlers, and riding crews.

Floating derrick barge services are provided with ABS loadlined and U.S. Coast Guard inspected platforms. The company has made single crane lifts up to 1,100 tons, and multiple crane lifts in excess of 4,000 tons. Break-bulk cargo handling is also a Donjon core business, including ancillary services such a securing-blocking-bracing of project cargoes. Another specialty service provided by Donjon is relocating, erecting and demolishing portal cranes. Recently, Donjon transported an overhead container crane weighing 900 tons.

Barge charter is also a core business of Donjon. The Donjon fleet includes ABS-load line barges for ocean transport of various cargoes. The company is also experienced in the use of submersible barges for salvage and floating vessel or structure transport.